Since 1947...

The company PLANTS MERGER was created on 1 September 1947 in Strasbourg, France by Roger MERGER. They were transformed into SARL 1 June 1957 and a limited company on 1 August 1959.

1 January 2015, a new structure was created: MERGER SAS.



N° INSEE : SIRET 809 314 370 RCS LYON


Code APE : 2815Z

Purpose : as defined in the statutes : Modern applications of industrial mechanical transmissions

Headquarters : MERGER SAS - 23, avenue de l'industrie - 69960 Corbas - FRANCE

Distribution of share capital : Family Structure


Coaxial drives
Parallel and bevel gear drives
Worm and wheel gear drives
Speed increasers
Multiple gear change drives

These products are covering a torque range from 30 Nm up to 1,200,000 Nm.

MERGER is offering one of the broadest gearbox line in the world today.

Since 1954 a large part of their production is dedicated to the international market.

In 1970 USINES MERGER received the prestigious " GREAT PRIZE OF THE OSCAR OF EXPORT ". This award was presented to Mr Roger Merger by Mr Valery Giscard D'Estaing, President of the French Republic.

Since 1968 a range of their products is manufactured under licence in MEXICO.

In 1974 USINES MERGER have granted a manufacturing licence to a Polish Company. This Company (BEFARED) employs about 1,000 workers who manufacture exclusively motors and geared motors of our old RM range, under licence, for the whole EAST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES (COMECON).

Since 1995 MERGER has had a presence in 36 countries throughout the world :

• MERGER CORP., located WOODSTOCK, Ill - USA, in charge of USA and Canada
• MERGER CORP. - SINGAPORE Office, in the Republic of Singapore in charge of the Asia-Pacific
• licence manufacturers : BEFARED/POLAND, VARSA-MERGER/MEXICO
• partnerships in U.K., NETHERLANDS, etc...
• sales agents and distributors

Design and R & D

The company has an Office for Studies and Research and Development dedicated integrated to create new ranges of speed reducers or transmission products based gear meets the specifications for the most difficult for new industrial projects or replacement of all brands of gearboxes. The Engineering Department is also involved in all projects of reverse engineering or performance improvement of a transmission system.


The company relies on a 4000 square meters factory.

The factory specializes in the manufacture of gears, has the hobbing machines and latest generation of gear grinding for all corrections and teeth of operations required by the Engineering department.

Quality checks are performed on a three-dimensional optical machinery.

A continuous investment program allows the company MERGER to offer to costumer a level of quality and precision on its products.


Quality Organization

The quality organization was an integral part of the management MERGER on the last decades.

The RAQ2 label (related to the current ISO 9002) was obtained on 01/02/1985.

The quality management system has evolved to version ISO 9001: 2008 certified by Bureau Veritas.